Roll Formed Tubing

Roll Forming is a process in which a strip of metal, typically in coil form, is continuously passed through a series of roller dies and progressively formed to the required profile.

Roll formed sections may have advantages over extrusions of a similar shape. Roll formed parts may be much lighter, with thinner walls possible than in the extrusion process, and stronger, having been work hardened in a cold state. Parts can be supplied having a finish or already painted.

Roll Forms are produced in many materials including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys, usually in 12FT (3.66m) lengths.

We can supply custom designed shapes in addition to standard Roll Form part numbers from Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin and many other manufacturers.

Commonly Used Alloys and Tempers
2024 0, T3, T42 AMS-QQA-250/4 BARE
2024 0, T3, T42 AMS-QQA-250/5 ALCLAD
6061 0, T4, T6 AMS-QQA-250/11 BARE
7075 0, T6, T62 AMS-QQA-250/12 BARE
7075 0, T6, T62 AMS-QQA-250/13 ALCLAD
301 Annealed AMS 5901
321 Annealed AMS 5510
347 Annealed AMS 5512
17-7PH Annealed AMS 5528
A-286 Annealed AMS 5525
Alloy 625 Annealed AMS 5599
Ti-6AL-4V Annealed AMS 4911
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