Waspaloy Nickel Bar

Waspaloy is an age-hardenable, nickel-based superalloy with excellent strength properties through temperatures of roughly 980°C (1800°F)

Applications include gas turbines, jet engine components, rotor discs, shafts, spacers, seals, rings, compressors, airframe assemblies and missile systems.

Waspaloy is non-magnetic . This alloy has good resistance to oxidation and sulfidation to 1600ºF (871˚C) due to its high chromium content

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Cr-  18.00/21.00
Mo- 3.50/5.00
Co-  12.00/15.00
Al-   1.20/1.60
Ti-   2.75/3.25
B-    .003/.01
C-    0.02/0.10
Zr-   0.02/0.08
Fe-   --/2.00
Mn-  --/0.10
Si-    --/0.15
P-    --/0.015
S-    --/0.015
Cu-  --/0.10
Ni-  --/Balance