5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum coil and aluminum sheet have good workability, high fatigue strength and good weldability. It has very good corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments.  5052 aluminum can be anodized to improve the corrosion resistance of the material in corrosive environments.

TW has a wide range of sizes readily available to the AMS 4015 for O temper, AMS 4016 for H32 and AMS 4017 for H34.

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Typical Chemical Requirements
Silicon .25
Iron .40
Copper .10
Manganese .10
Magnesium 2.2-2.8
Chromium Range .15-.35
Zinc .10
Aluminum remainder

TW Metals offer as wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company's needs. Stock sizes range from .032 - .249 x 48/60 wide and 96/120/144 inches long. We also have shearing capabilities to meet your projects specific needs.