Band Saw Cutting Services

Band Saw Cutting
Amada PCSAW430X
Machine Number  
Machine Type Horizontal Band Saw
Function Cut-To-Length Rod, Bar, Tube, Pipe and Shapes - All Alloys
Basic Limits

Minimum Round -1.180" 
Maximum Round - 16.93" 
Maximum Square - 16.93" 
Maximum Rectangle - 16.93" x 16.93" 
Minimum Length - .400" 
Minimum Butt End - 4.5" 
Standard Length Tolerance - +1/8" - .0" 1 
Kerf Allowance - 1/8"


Square Cut Only Automatic indexing for cutting multiple pieces to a constant length, close tolerance. Excellent cut quality.

Band twist monitor constantly checks squareness of cut and automatically shuts band off if operator-set tolerances are exceeded.

NC Control - can program up to 99 jobs in varying lengths and quantities.