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Introducing the #Metals Series

Episode zero: Introducing the Metals Series

Tariffs. Import duties & taxes. 

Government regulations. 

How do these things impact the acquisition and supply chains of #metals distributors? 

Thankfully for us all, Bob Mraz & Tony Amabile from TW Metals are here to clear up a few misconceptions, answer some questions, and have a lot of fun while doing it. 

They’re going to talk about a wide range of topics including:

  • How the current tariffs are impacting metals distribution
  • The role of aerospace manufacturing in their industry
  • Behind the scenes information around the supply chain and distribution process

#Metals: How Government Policies Are Affecting Metals

Episode one: Government Policies Affecting Metals

It’s clear to see the impact recent US tariffs are having on numerous imported and exported commodities.

What effect have past and present duties had specifically on the metal industry?

Joe DeVincentz, Supply Chain Manager at TW Metals, fills us in on the first episode of The Industrial & Manufacturing Podcast #Metals.

 In this episode, we cover:

  • Anti-dumping duties
  • Countervailing duties
  • Details surrounding Section 232

#Metals: How Manufacturing Companies Can Recruit And Retain Top Talent

Episode twoRecruit & Retain Talent

The unemployment rate today is very low. So, for those of us competing for talent, it's hard to come across people that are looking for new opportunities. It’s especially difficult in the manufacturing world where we're competing against some really glamorous organizations like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

So, on this episode of the Industrial + Manufacturing podcast, Christine Thatcher, VP of Human Resources at TW Metals, came on the show to talk about manufacturing companies can recruit and retain top talent.

Here are some of the issues we covered:

  • Why it’s so difficult to recruit in the manufacturing sector right now
  • What are TW’s plans to address this challenge
  • Creating your own employee brand
  • Outside resources you can leverage in your recruitment strategy

#Metals: The Passion Behind Motorsports Alloys

Episode three: The Passion Behind Motorsports Alloys

Today’s guest on the I&M podcast is Keith Cookson who is the Branch Manager at TW Metals Charlotte.

Keith has been in the racing industry his entire life, and comes from a passionate racing family. His parents and father-in-law both were in the open wheel industry, while his uncle was in stock car racing. Impressively, Keith, himself raced motorcycles before his time with TW. 

In this episode Keith shares his passion for racing combined with the strength of TW products. He gives the audience a breakdown of various alloys including the rare and hard to find 4130 tubing. TW also specializes in nickel alloys and titanium alloys that are used for F-1 team for a fluid powerline in their professional line of elite race cars. 

Keith breaks down the technical differences between alloys and metals used in racing, he gives a global overview of the racing industry, and he even shares how TW gives back to university racing and design teams through donations. 

#Metals:  How Smart Inventory Management Can Transform Manufacturing Companies 

Episode four:  How Smart Inventory Management Can Transform Manufacturing Companies 

Businesses pivot and partners’ needs change. That’s why it’s so crucial to stay sharp in the metals biz. Offering some regional insights into opportunities within the manufacturing industry are Bill Schmid, Barry Ronsheimer and Brian Moroney, all regional general managers at TW Metals.

In this episode (live from the TW Metals Global Sales Meeting) Bob, Tony, and their guests discuss:

  • The value in understanding the customer’s perspective
  • The current landscape of the metals industry and the forthcoming developments
  • Collaborating with partners from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Standards in the aerospace sector

#Metals:  How Technology is Affecting Aerospace Metal Distribution 

Episode five:  How Technology is Affecting Aerospace Metal Distribution 

There are countless factors playing part in today’s aerospace production industry. Metal distribution is just one aspect, but it’s a crucial one. In this #Metals episode of The Manufacturing Show, Tony and Bob speak with three TW Metals branch managers about the current state of aerospace metal distribution.

The group also discusses:

  • How disruptive technology is affecting metal distribution for suppliers
  • Recruiting and retaining employees
  • Establishing a positive company culture

Guests include: David Corbin, Torian Keen and Steve McMahon