Chemical Resistant Metals

TW Metals is a leading supplier of high performance metals to the Chemical Processing Industry, with over 40 years of experience serving metal products and components to market leaders such as Dow Chemical, E.I. DuPont, BASF, Bristol Myers Squibb., along with the major contractors and fabricators servicing this important industry. TW Metals’ state of the art distribution facilities are strategically located throughout the US and globally in support of our key industries. To better serve you, TW operates our own fleet of trucks to allow rapid response and maximum agility in serving our customers. A wide range of in house material processing services are available including cut-to-length services, water jet cutting, plate sawing, shearing, polishing and de-burring.

Although “Chemical Process” is a single term, it actually covers a diverse group of industries including Basic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Applications for these alloys within these industries include heat exchangers, pumps and piping systems. TW Metals can support large complex project requirements or manage MRO programs through our contract management system. We use best in class resource planning programs to provide certified quality products with full traceability to the most demanding on time delivery standards in the industry. TW Metals provides global supply chain solutions for critical applications where outstanding performance is required.

Chemical Processing Specs Image

Throughout the years, TW Metals has worked closely with end users to understand their specific applications and has tried to match its world class customer service capability with its product portfolio, and can even leverage products and resources from its sister companies under the O’Neal umbrella to present complete solutions to its customers’ unique needs. TW Metals carries a wide range of alloys to handle both oxidizing and reducing environments as well as those special breeds of alloys that crossover both areas. In addition, our range of products allows us to address situations where corrosion resistance is important but must be balanced with cost constraints to applications that are so critical that they require that only a specific highly alloy grade be used. Some of the products we carry include:

Stainless Steel Alloys

AISI 304/304l 
AISI 313/316l 
AISI 321, 321H 
AISI 347, 347H 

Nickel Alloy


Duplex Alloys

AISI 2205 
ALLOY 255 
AISI 2507

6 Moly (Various)