C276 Nickel Bar

Exceptional corrosion resistance to a wide variety of chemical processing environments including strong reducing environments, chloride-contaminated media, chlorine, and sea water. Excellent resistance to pitting and stress-corrosion cracking.

Common end uses:

Commonly used on the petrochemical, pulp and paper, chemical processing, power generation industries for dampers, ducts, stack liners, heat exchangers, flue -gas desulfurization, sour gas applications and many other end uses. 

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Composition (Nominal)
C-    .02
Mn- 1.0
P-    0.04
S-    0.03
Si-   0.08
Cr-  14.5/16.5
Mo- 15.0/17.0
Co- 2.5
W-  3.0/4.5
V-   0.35
Fe- 4.0/7.0
Bal. Ni
Tensile(KSI) 110.0
Yield(KSI)       52.6
Elongation%   62