4130 Steel Sheets

4130 steel commonly referred to as chromoly is a chrome alloy steel with medium carbon content containing .80 – 1.10% chromium as the strengthening agent. 4130 sheet is readily machinable has excellent weldability and offers excellent ductility. 4130 steel sheet is considerably stronger and harder than other standard steel grades and is commonly used in construction of commercial and military aircraft.

TW stocks a wide range of sizes in 4130 steel certified to AMS 6350/6351 – annealed and AMS 6345 for normalized or otherwise heat treated.

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  • Commercial aircraft
  • Military Aircraft
  • Automotive
  • Machine tools
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Auto racing
  • Aerospace
Typical Chemical Requirements
Carbon Range .28 /.33
Manganese Range .40/.60
Phosphorous Max .025
Sulfur Max 0.025
Silicon Range .15/.35
Chromium Range .80/1.1
Nickel Max .25
Molybdenum .15/.25
Copper Max .35

TW Metals offer as wide range of stock sizes and processing capabilities for your company's needs from .025 - .250 in. 18 AND 36 "widths x 72" lengths. We also have shearing capabilities to meet your projects specific needs for 4130 steel sheet.