Alloy Bar

TW Metals has a long-term commitment to the aerospace industry. TW Metals has achieved exceptional success in serving major defense prime contractors, critical aircraft part producers, and heavy industrial parts manufacturers. As a result, we have increased our inventory of alloy bar products to better serve customers who rely on these high quality grades. 

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Alloy Steel Bar Grades:

  • 4130 AMS
  • 4330V AMS 6411
  • 4340 AMS 6415
  • 4340VM AMS 6414
  • 300M AMS 6419
  • 8740 AMS
  • 9310 AMS 6265

Today, TW Metals also offers worldwide sourcing of engineered sizes for alloy steel bar. We maintain deep inventories at our strategically-positioned locations nationwide. A wide range of processing services is available to provide our customers with a complete first stage part.

  • Abrasive saw
  • Band saw
  • Heat Treating
  • Center less Grinding
  • Trepanning


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