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A269 covers both welded and seamless stainless for general applications or that require corrosion resistance and low or high temp usage including 304L, 316L and 321.  A249 is welded only and used for high temp applications (boiler, heat exchanger). 

Heat treated aluminum has the addition of copper, magnesium, zinc or silicon. This allows the material to be heat treated or solution heat treated. While the addition of these alloying elements allows for greater strength it also reduces the corrosive resistance of the material and that is where cladding comes in.  To increase the corrosion resistance the material is clad with high purity aluminum. The clad is usually a film from 2.5% to 5% of the total thickness of the material and not only protects it from corrosion but also has a galvanic effect to further protect the core material.

MMQ/ MOQ are Mill Minimum Quantity or Min Order Qty. This is the minimum order that you can buy from the mill for a non-standard item. Usually referred to as min/increments.

First time purchases are not a problem. It only takes a few minutes to set up an account and you can purchase your material via credit card to expedite the process.

TW Metals has the capability of cutting several sizes and grades of material to customer supplied lengths. Please check with your sales contact for more information.

TW Metals has locations across the country. We ship material from the stocking location closest to your facility.

Yes, TW Metals has the ability to ship internationally.

TW Metals specializes in Customized Supply Chain solutions. Contact your TW Metals representative to learn more.

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