TW Metals Celebrates 100 Years of Service!

TW Metals this year celebrates its 100th anniversary. Over the past 10 decades, TW Metals has gone from delivering boiler tubing by horse drawn wagon to delivering specialty metal to many markets all around the world. The metal the company sells can be found in everything from lawn mowers to the space shuttle. TW Metals was formed when William’s & Company and Tubesales merged together in 1998. It is through this heritage that the company celebrates their anniversary.

In the early years it was the personality and energy of Harry Williams (Williams & Company), one of the company’s founders, who established the tradition of excellence in customer service that marks TW Metals today. In those first days, Harry Williams and two employees cut pipe to ordered length with a manual hacksaw and delivered it by wagon, trolley and even on foot. Within two years of opening their doors, the company added MONEL® metal products to its carbon steel tubing line by signing up with the International Nickel Company (now Huntington Alloys (nee Special Metals)). It was this relationship that marked the start of a trend toward distribution of specialty metals. Within the first forty years, Williams and Co. expanded their product line to include Carbon, Stainless, Nickel, Boiler Tubing, Aluminum and Red Metals. The company also had added an additional four warehouses to complement their home office in Pittsburgh, PA.

Nearly four decades later (1946), Frosty Harmon and Mason Franklin opened their start-up business in the second-floor rooms over Tony’s Goodfellow’s Grill on Central Avenue in Los Angeles. The pair sold war surplus aircraft grades of steel tubing and through their constancy of purpose and service to their customers Tubesales was able to distinguish itself. As the years progressed and the company grew they moved to warehouse space in Los Angeles and expanded their product line to include Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steels. Twenty years later (and the opening of a warehouse on the east coast) the company added aluminum to their product line and again, a more focused trend toward the distribution of specialty metals.

When asked about the centennial celebration, Jack Elrod, TW Metals’ President and CEO, stated, “When you look back at the companies that were in existence in 1907, not many of them have survived through the years as business markets and the economy have changed so much. We have not only survived, but continue to have record breaking years as we prepare ourselves for the next 100 years. Our real success is the adaptability of our people to meet whatever challenge the market may throw at us.”

TW Metals is, and will continue to be, a company that prides itself on its customer service and its strengths in specialty metals. It is as TW Metals that the company looks back over the past 100 years with pride, and gratitude to its customers, its vendors and its employees. It is with their knowledge of the past that the company looks ahead to another 100 years and more of serving the specialty metals industries.

About TW Metals

A dynamic and customer-focused organization, TW Metals is a leading specialty metal distributor with over 30 facilities worldwide. The company offers a broad range of products and services, including extrusions, fittings, pipe, tube, rod/bar, sheet and plate in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium, Alloy Steel, and Carbon Steel. TW Metals was formed in 1998 through the merger of Tubesales (founded in 1946) and Williams and Company (founded in 1907). TW Metals is a wholly-owned subsidiary of O’Neal Steel, the largest family owned full-line service center in the United States. O’Neal Steel is headquartered in Birmingham, AL.

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