Additional Industries

TW Metals is a leading specialty metal distributor focusing on supply chain solutions in the global market place. These specialty metals are used in many different industries and applications. Aerospace is by far the leading industry for our products followed by a dozen other core markets. TW Metals supplies Stainless, Aluminum,Nickel,Titanium,and Carbon Alloy grades in tube,pipe,bar,sheet,plate,and extrusions to all of these industries. While these core industries dominate our activity there are many additional industries that we do supply including the following.

Additional Core Industries Supplied:

  • Power Generation 
  • Heavy Equipment 
  • Lab, Medical Instrumentation 
  • Components 
  • Primary Metal Production 
  • Transportation 
  • Consumer Products
  • Tools, Dies & Molds
  • Service/MRO
  • Electrical
  • Machinery
  • Metal Finishing

TW Metals centers of excellence demonstrate lean manufacturing practices in processing first cut and finished parts for all industries. A best in class quality system approved by all major Airframe, Engine, Government and Commercial customers provides quality products delivered on time with complete documentation. Electronic Order Entry as well as online document retrieval support one of the most robust contract management platforms in the industry.


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