Alloy 200 Nickel Tubing

Alloy 200 nickel tubing is commercially pure wrought nickel, with good mechanical properties, excellent resistance to many corrosives.

Typical applications include a variety of processing equipment, particularly to maintain product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers, and alkalies.

Stock Size Range:

.125" through 1.500"
.020" through .072"

Specifications: ASTM B 161, ASME SB161, ASTM B163, ASME SB 163

Typical Chemical Composition %
Nickel 99.0 min
Iron 0.40 max
Sulfur 0.01 max
Carbon 0.15 max
Manganese 0.35 max
Silicon 0.35 max
Copper 0.25 max
Typical Mechanical Properties
Annealed   MPA
Yield Strength (0.2% offset) psi 15,000 103
Tensile Strength 55 379
Elongation % 40  
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