Aluminum Tubing Distributor (Drawn)

Aluminum tubing is useful for both aerospace and commercial applications. Since aluminum provides about three times as much volume of metal per pound as steel products, it is the obvious choice when weight is a critical factor.  Excellent resistance to corrosion permits its use without protection in most environments.  The ability of aluminum to transmit heat rapidly and efficiently make it an ideal material for heat transfer processes.  Aluminum tubing can also be bent and formed readily and also has excellent weld ability.  Our inventory consists of both heat treat and non-heat treat alloys for aluminum tubing.

TW Metals stocks 2024, 3003, 5052, 6061, and 7075 alloys in drawn aluminum tubing in tempers of O, F, T3, T4, T6, T73 and H14.

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Aluminum Tubing Alloy designations:

The aluminum industry has created a system using a four-digit numerical designation to identify wrought aluminum alloys.  The first digit indicates the major alloying element. The second digit indicates whether there was a modification in the basic alloy.  The third and fourth digits indicate the specific alloy. The following represent the various groups for aluminum tubing:

Alloy Groups 4-digit Numerical Designations
1XXX Aluminum 99% or greater
2XXX Copper - major alloying element
3XXX Manganese – major alloying element
5XXX Magnesium – major alloying element
6XXX Magnesium and silicon – major alloying elements
7XXX Zinc – major alloying element