Metal Service Centers

For over one hundred years regional service centers, plumbing supply houses, and PVF distributors have counted on TW Metals to furnish their raw material requirements. Built on a foundation of integrity and trust, TW Metals is recognized as a “go to” source for the metals distribution industry. Our deep and vast inventory of both commodity and specialty products has enabled our distribution customers to offer a complete bill of materials at competitive prices that also meets their customers challenging delivery requirements.

Metals distribution companies nationwide take advantage of our strategically located distribution centers and state of the art delivery system to replenish their inventory or ship direct to the jobsite. All material is supplied with complete traceability and appropriate packaging and documentation.

Key Metal Products

Stainless Steel Pipe
Stainless Steel Tubing
Stainless Steel Bar
Aluminum Tubing
Aluminum Bar
Aluminum Pipe
Alloy Tubing
Alloy Bar
Titanium Tubing

Your TW Metals professional is standing by to provide the world class service you deserve.


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