Machined & Fabricated Component (MFC) Centers

Through its long associations with aerospace OEMs, TW Metals has provided the raw material, purchased parts, primers & details to qualified, certified global aerospace machine and fabrication suppliers. Within the past few years, TW Metals was asked to provide logistics, planning and forecasting functions to support global integration of the supply chain, including low cost regions worldwide.

This strategy evolved into the supply of machined and fabricated components and assemblies direct from TW Metals to the OEMs in support of production. TW Metals now manages multiple machined and fabricated component and assembly programs. This provides for many of these products to be delivered in kit form direct to the OEM assembly line in a lean JIT environment.

In its role as a supply chain integrator, TW Metals is not restricted by machine capabilities, technical limitations, geography, logistics, surface treatment constraints, capacity or other limiting factors. TW Metals utilizes customer specified suppliers or selects “best in class” for all levels of manufacturing.

Only customer specified, ISO or AS certified suppliers are chosen to be part of the TW Metals supply team. Redundant vendors can be selected for mission critical components to assure customer support. Using the TW Metals ISO/AS certified process for distribution of machined and fabricated components, TW Metals owns the complete supply chain, including quality, from raw material to delivery to the customer of the completed build to print component. In partnership with dozens of ISO and AS certified suppliers worldwide TW Metals offers the most effective, low cost integrated solution for quality aerospace parts delivered to the point of use JIT.


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