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Message from Jack Elrod

President and CEO TW Metals - July 29, 2013

Dear Customers, Vendors and Industry Partners,

The information and links in this section will help you to understand TW Metals' position concerning DFARS regulations and related amendments. A DFARS requirement may potentially disrupt the supply of certain critical materials used in the manufacture of military aircraft. TW Metals has assumed a leadership role in the identification and resolution of the issues that impact our military customers, as well as their subcontractors and supplier base.

Our goals are simple:

  • TW Metals will continue to unconditionally comply with all industry, government and customer requirements with 100% full compliance to the standards as written.
  • Where there are apparent conflicts in interpreting the regulations, TW Metals will continue to work within the approved structure to remedy the situation to the benefit of all constituents.
  • TW Metals is committed to working with suppliers to provide qualified and compliant materials.
  • TW Metals will continue to share beneficial information with the industry at large that aids in the expeditious and appropriate resolution of these issues.

Complex problems and a rapidly changing political and commercial environment require companies of integrity, honesty and fortitude to proactively address critically important issues to our industry. During these and other times you can continue to count on TW Metals to do what it takes to be the best long products, specialty metals supplier.

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