Aircraft Hinge Pins

Aircraft Hinges are used throughout the airframe including access, inspection and cargo doors, wings, empennage and many other exterior and interior applications. In addition hinge, hinge pin and complete assemblies are available in a wide range of OEM part numbers including Boeing, Lockheed and Airbus. Materials include aluminum, stainless, titanium and other aerospace alloys. Military Standard (MS) Hinge and Hinge Pin are supplied in 72” (1.829 meters) or custom lengths. We also offer custom hinge pins, piano hinge pins, and more for various applications & industries. 

  • Mil-Spec Hinges

    • MS 20257 Series Hinges
    • MS 20001 Series Hinges
    • MS 35821 - MS35831 Hinges
    • A-A-55589, A-A-55596
  • Mil-Spec Hinge Pins

    • MS 20253 Series Pins
    • MS 27990 Series Pins
    • A-A-55486 Series Pins
  • Continuous Hinges (piano hinges)

  • Custom Hinges

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